When it comes to the Denver steak, Wagyu beef is king. This massive intramuscular fat translates to a rich and juicy flavor and texture. Meat experts have discovered that this is the fourth most tender beef cut available. The moderate marbling also contributes a little less beefy flavor than most, but the result is still an incredibly delicious and succulent steak.

Due to its high quality and taste, Wagyu beef is unsurprisingly one of the more expensive options at the butcher or grocery store.

However, when you compare it to other types of steak such as Kobe, Angus, or even Prime, it is still a bargain.

For example, a thick Wagyu Zabuton (Denver steak) can easily feed two people and will only set you back around $30-$40. Comparatively, a similar cut of Kobe beef would easily cost $75 or more.

When it comes to price, Wagyu beef is definitely a splurge worth considering. The unparalleled flavor and texture make it a cut above the rest, making it well worth the extra expense.

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